What are ebooks?

    Electronic books, or ebooks, are electronic versions of written material. They can contain text, sound, images. And they exist in the form of files that can be read--

    • Using a computer: Word documents, text files, web pages, PDF files, EXE files
    • Using an ebook reader

Why will people buy ebooks?

  • Maybe they need the information right away.
  • Or there's no other source available (i.e., it's not in the bookstore).

How do I get started with ebooks?

  • Sign up at EbooksU, then when you become EbooksU member you will be able to access their huge database of eBooks, Audio and Video products, Templates, Scripts and other Software programs. Their guarantee is that their products and services will never be freeware or shareware on the contrary some of them will be selling online for over £50/$100 or more. Since they believe in providing ebooks with resale rights, thus by selling one ebook alone you will recover your membership fee.

How do I deliver ebooks?

  • You can choose to deliver the unlocking passwords or the ebook itself via email (as an attached file).
  • You can email to your customer the web page from where they can download the ebook.
  • Or you can have ShareIt.com deliver--on your behalf--the password or ebook via email, or via a download page


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