Dropshipping (worldwide)

Wholesale giftware dropshippers offers you the opportunity to sell products and have them sent mail order without ever touching a single item.

Dropshipping is a process of selling Products without having to stock or store any items. You would sell the merchandise at a cost you would determine. After the customer pays you for the item, you would pay the supplier their price and send them your customers details. They send the product out to the customer, and the difference between your price and the suppliers price is your profit.

How Does Dropshipping Actually Work?

How Does Dropshipping Actually Work? Let's say you ran across a Crystal Ball on a dropshipping site for £20. You would sell that Crystal Ball for a price you would determine, let's use £35 plus £4.50 postage and packing for an example. After you collect the payment of £39.50 from the customer and their postal address, you would forward the £20 plus £4.50 postage costs to the supplier, and keep the £15.00 as profit, never having to touch or store the Product, as the supplier sends it out to the customer. This type of arrangement is extremely beneficial to both yourself, and the supplier. The supplier does not have to open a storefront, or hire salespeople to sell their products, as that is the role of the dropshipper. You, as the dropshipper, have a way to earn some spare money, having no start-up costs, no overhead, no packaging costs or headaches, and can create an extremely useful relationship with the supplier.

Dropshipping Websites

The ideal places to do this would be at a website such as Ebay or Amazon Marketplace. Using PayPal would be a safe way to transfer money and to help your buyers pay you safely and for you to buy further items.

I am sure you have all heard of Dropshipping before but this has been an American phenomenon in the past, though now there are many UK sites.

Look for a UK dropshipper that can actually deliver what it promises (85% of orders despatched that day, rising to 97% the next day is a good standard). The over all idea is very simple yet effective. As you can see from the example above the margins are realistic ones rather than "300% markups" as you may have seen in the past.

This is no get rich quick but a genuine, honest business that can pay high returns with a little work and a little expense.

Some dropshippers charge a one off investment, perhaps about £20. For this you get complete access to the 100's of items at the website, images and product descriptions (ideal to enhance your auction listings at Ebay to help secure a higher price), the ability to sell the items before you've even bought them and unlimited customer service and support.

Items To Sell By Dropshipping

Items sold range from candles, clocks, essential oils, jewellery, software, paper-weights, tarot cards and an ever changing range of special offers. It is also possible to bulk buy from dropshipping websites to get even greater discounts thus maximising your profits. 

QXL is an online auction platform, which enables individuals and small businesses to buy and sell all types of products and services online in an easy, efficient and safe environment. 

Morgans Auctions sells a wide range of overstock, refurbished and second user computer equipment. All goods are sold without reserve and all bids start at £1.


Start dropshipping today!

To find out how you can get started with dropshipping, check out this link below. It's a superb directory of over 24,000 wholesalers and dropshippers in the UK and USA. I have use myself and I highly recommend it. Most power sellers on eBay use these suppliers in the directories below. Also dropshipping can work well with your own online shop, so it's not just ebay and other auction sellers who can benefit from this.

UK wholesale directory

Canadian wholesalers directory

USA wholesalers directory